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We offer small business a corporate structured flexable set of procurement outsourcing options. Custom configured to meet your need. From end-to-end purchasing outsourcing to supply chain management solutions like (VMI) vendor managed inventory, category management, strategic sourcing, (RFQ) Request for quotes, Spend analytics and (GPO) Group purchasing services. ​

Every purchasing dollar saved goes direct to bottom line profits. How?

By leveraging our members combined spending on capital, indirect, direct materials and services. We free up valuable resources to drive your core business forward. Benefits are cost savings achieved through member’s group purchasing power! ​Procurement and Group Purchasing Outsourcing is not just for the Big Guy's anymore!

What is Procurement?

Procurement can be referred to as the range of activities undertaken by businesses in obtaining goods and services. While procurement generally refers to the final stage of purchasing, it can also include the entire procurement process overall. Organizations can function as either the buyer or the seller though the focus is generally on the soliciting company. Procurement is referred to as performing "the five rights": getting the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right time, for the right price, from the right source.

Supply chain management 101

Beyond logistics, supply chain management governs everything that has to happen to get your product from Point A to Point B. Think of it as a complete view and better control over supply chain activities like production, inventory management, planning, transportation and more. Supply Chain Management is critical to the success of any business, large or small. Yet, 69% of companies surveyed say they don’t have full visibility into their supply chains.

Global-Mpg Will Drive Lasting Change Across All Areas of Your Small Business Supply Chain


  • Purchasing

  • Transportation

  • Logistics & Distribution

  • Small Business Manufacturing Efficiency

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