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"Annual alumni contributions make up the literal life’s blood of colleges and universities, and they are even more critical to HBCUs. Annual alumni giving is key to funding the endowments that provide for infrastructure maintenance and expansion, funding scholarships and other financial aid, technology upgrades, attracting and retaining top administrators and faculty, and more.
However, according to the results of a survey of HBCU alumni giving published by U.S. News & World Report earlier this year, the average giving rate of participating schools was only 11.2%. That means barely one out of every 10 alumni bothers to make an annual contribution to their alma mater, or any HBCU. The report represented a stark contradiction of the outpouring of passion and enthusiasm exhibited—and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent—by alumni at HBCU homecoming festivities in the months following the release of the survey.."

Earl G Graves Jr

When it comes to increasing visibility and funds for a nonprofit, it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. From social media marketing to email campaigns and in-person events, your nonprofit has undoubtedly run the gamut to find what works and what doesn’t. But for many nonprofits, especially smaller ones with few volunteers or support staff, business partnerships are an often-overlooked or underestimated avenue for growth. In reality, building a relationship with a for-profit business can be beneficial for both the business and the nonprofit.

There’s one obvious benefit to nonprofit-corporate partnerships: every nonprofit could use financial support from a partner in the for-profit sector. But, as with any relationship, it can’t be just about the money. Fundraising patterning with Global-Mpg can be easily implemented into your current fundraising schedule. Our program offers Online fundraising for purchasing select Minority Owned Manufacturers products.

A negotiated percentage up to (50%) of association’s member product purchases are paid monthly. All sales are validated via a third party for full accountability. Let Global-Mpg help with your organization's next fundraising event. We specialize in making fundraising as simple and easy as possible for you. We offer a full line of Custom Minority Owned Manufactured Food products sold nationally.

A copy of your tax permit or tax exempt status is required.

Global-Mpg Pop Up Store! Fundraise without the headaches of traditional fundraisers

Global-Mpg’s Pop-Up Store Fundraising is a virtual fundraiser where your organization can earn up to 50% of select Minority Owned Manufactures products on line anytime and anyplace. You never have to worry about handling product or collecting money. It’s 100% virtual.  



Sample of many products for purchase


Sample of many products for purchase

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